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September 15, 2007

Angels Cruising Into the Playoffs

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We all know it’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when.  The Angels magic number is now down to nine and with a win tonight, it could down to eight or even seven.  What’s a more interesting question is who the Angels opponent is probably going to be.  With the Wild Card most likely being the Yankees, it means it doesn’t matter whether the Red Sox or the Angels have the better record, the Angels will get a streaking Yankees team as their first round opponent.  Of course the Tigers are still on the fringe of contending for that Wild Card and that would throw everything off.

It’s nice to see Vlad back these last few days and even though we haven’t seen it in the win column, he’s gotten it done.  He now has a seven game hitting streak and in four of the last five, he’s had a pair of hits.  He also had that big two homer game and the pair of four RBI games to help out the cause.  With Vlad in the lineup, the Angels have as good of a chance as any to walk away with the World Series win.

And what can you say about John Lackey.  He’s going to contend for the Cy Young and while he once again is going to fall short of 200 strikeouts, it was a break out year in the sense that he’s finally being mentioned as an elite starter.  Yeah, his 2007 numbers are pretty close to what he put up in 2006 but it’s the wins that people look at, even though we all know wins and losses have quite a bit of a luck element too them.  And Kelvim Escobar has been a pleasant surprise as we head down the stretch.

And the final two weeks of season will be an afterthought.  They don’t play a contender, although the Mariners have had an interesting season.  And the Rangers have been red hot but at this point, the Angels could play .500 ball and 99 times out of 100, get in the playoffs.

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