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February 27, 2011

One Day at an Time

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Spring training as started for the LA Angels and has come with mixed results as the team started 1-1. The first victory came courtesy of the Florida State University baseball team in which the team beat 8-0, with the win going to pitcher Drew Naylor. The team wasn’t as lucky when they faced there first Major League team the New York Yankees which handed them a 7-3 loss. Yankees Center fielder Curtis Granderson ht a two run homer in the fourth inning to blow the game wide open. Hopefully the Angels can rebound with a Monday game against the Toronto Blue Jays

February 20, 2011

UNtimely Healing

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The Angles have received not so good news at the start of Spring Training as First Baseman Kendra Morales broken leg is not healing as suspected. The big bat of the Cuban slugger which produced 34 home runs and a .569 slugging percentage and a fifth place finish in the AL MVP voting. Missing a cleanup hitter can be detrimental to a lineups production so manager Mike Scocia is entertaining the possibility of him DH at the start of the season and slowly   work his way into the infield. If all goes well and Morales can improve the Angels hope that he can step into the superstar category  of Major Leaugue players during the 2011 season.

February 15, 2011

Angelic Healing ?

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The LA Angeles have two goals entering  spring training as do most ball clubs which is to become better and get healthy, but for the Angels this is vital to their offense as Kendray Morales and Eric Aybar battle nagging injuries. These two players seem to be most important to the success of the ball club as when the go down so do the offensive and defensive production of the entire team follows suit. Aybar is especially important to the infield as he continues to attempt to fill the shoes of former Mr. Everything Chone Figgins.  Also infielder Marcel Izturis who will most likely serve as the clubs leadoff man who they hope can stay clear from the DL and ignite the offense.

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